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    Jining kam pegatron technology co., LTD. Is a company established in06Years of emerging high-tech industry companies,And has a number of excellent professional talents,Has a solid scientific research strength and advanced processing technology。Company with scientific and technological innovation for the platform,In order to mining and energy saving,Professional equipment development and production of environmental protection as the main body in the industry,In order toGCClass 、GBPressure pipe installation、CBoiler installation of mechanical and electrical equipment installation is complementary,Comprehensive production、Trade activities。Has won many national invention patents。 06At the end of the year07Researchers at the beginning of the company on the basis of extensive investigation technology at home and abroad,In scientific research and innovation and energy saving、Environmental protection is the design idea,Do STH unconventional or unorthodox,Breakthrough The successful development of the very suitable for the mine、Food、Pharmaceutical companies“Intelligent brush machine boot”And series products“Mine sweeper”Two series of special national invention The product。 I always taking“The quality of the product、User satisfaction”In the first place。With high quality products、Service to win more trust with your heart...

    In the field of environmental protection for real、Doing fine、And stronger

    The purpose of the enterprise:State environmental protection,A big company in one hundred。
    The spirit of enterprise:Innovation The good faith Pragmatic Efficient
    Enterprise policy:Customer satisfaction,Continuous improvement
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